Probiotic in Skincare

Let’s talk about probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that occur naturally within and on the body, greatly impacting skin’s health and overall appearance. While they are well known in the food and supplement world, using probiotics for skin is an emerging topic. Probiotics are ever-changing array of microorganisms living within and on the surface of our… Continue reading Probiotic in Skincare


So Why Did my Skin Have a Melt Down Over the Festive Period?

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2021. This year I really want to delve deeper into skincare on here and really create an archive for all things skincare from products to ingredients to effects certain life style choices have on the skin. Over the festive period I noticed how terrible by… Continue reading So Why Did my Skin Have a Melt Down Over the Festive Period?


2020 | The Year We Didn’t Expect

What a year and honestly I have no idea where to start. The year that brought us five words we thought we would never use in our lifetime. Furlough. Lockdown. Self-Isolating. Social Distancing. Coronavirus. The global pandemic has forced us all to face personal, professional challenges head on and with no previous experience to go… Continue reading 2020 | The Year We Didn’t Expect