A New Beginning

We can all get stuck in a rut, no matter what we do or think or try we always go back to the same place as we were to start. We all have these big dreams and ideas that come through like speed of light but then slow right down till your back in your rut.

This has been me for a lot of last year, having massive ideas about how I want certain things to look and come across and when it came to it, I either couldn’t be bothered or it just didn’t work how I wanted it too.

A new beginning to start a fresh, away from the old and into the new.

This year I have decide to start fresh, have a clean slate to work with and with that comes new inspiration. For any of you who have followed me to this new pretty blog, thank you for staying with me and the newbies ‘hello’ I hope we can all grow and make this into a happy little place for us all not just me.

I plan to upload twice a week Monday and Thursday. I have lots of exciting things happening in the next couple of months so look out for all that.

Here are too new beginning!

Much Love


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