January Favourites

img_2759January has been a very excited month for me, this month I finalised a lot of exciting this that will be happening over the next few months. It’s also been the month where I have been able to discover new products, to which I have fallen in love.

I tend to stick with what I know and never seem to change anything, however this year I want to change that. I want to try out more products whether that be skin care, beauty or hair.

This month the morning have been fall of frost and ice, and i have noticed the dryness on my skin swell. A lot of the products that I’ve fallen in love with this month have helped to battle the cold and I truly love them.

My skin care routine hasn’t changed much over the months (or years to be honest) but one this that has made a massive impact is the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. This cleaner is a life saver for the colder months, it’s a gorgeous luxurious deep cleansing cream. Containing anti-oxidnets that help to battle against daily pollutions, plant extract to purify and rich moisturizer. I have been using this in both morning and evening, as it’s a gorgeous cleanser for dissolving make up. I must have for the colder months.

One product I have been paring with Pro-Radaince Cleansing, is a device that I got in the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, The Luna Play. Over the last year that have ben so many different versions of the cleaning brush from Clarisonic to Clinique and No7. Honestly I have never seen or given into the hype with these products however when I received the Luna Play, I was very intrigued. What I love about this product is the fact it’s a travel size and can fit perfectly into any wash bag, take it whenever you go. It also deep cleansing for the skin perfect for when the skin need a pick me up.

As its been so cold over the last month, I have been having a lot more baths. I also think its got to do with how many Lush bath bombs I received over Christmas. Nothing beats a good bath with a Lush bath bomb. Another bath product that I love after a hard week is the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak, this products is perfect for relaxing the body and mind. Also make you have an amazing night sleep to!!

Another product that I’ve been loving is another one from the Look Fantastic Advert Calendar. Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream, I have the scent organic rice milk & cherry blossom which smells gorgeous. I love to apply this both morning and evening, its a gorgeous rich nourishing cream and has definitely been helping my skin through the coldness.

A lot of new discoveries for me this month so hopefully this will contain over the year. If you have any suggestions on any skin care, beauty that I would love to know.

Much Love



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