24 Hours In Cambride


This post is from September 2017, I had written it and must have completely forgotten about it. I was struggling to find something to write about and as I found this I thought that I would post it. It has to be one of the best weekends I have spend with my boyfriend and something I really want to cherish. I hope you enjoy!!


Cambridge is gorgeous with its cobbled streets, historical buildings and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is just the perfect place to escape and surround yourself with history and that’s exactly what we did.


First Day 

First stop breakfast, there are some gorgeous independent places to eat. However hunger got the better of us and we ended up in Bills for pancakes!!

Once we were all fuelled up for the day we headed down to the river. The streets and bridges that surround the river are gorgeous, you can see a lot more from on the river so we decided to go punting. We hired a private chauffeured punt, which gave us a very interesting guided tour of all the colleges that are either side of the river as well as the bridges that cross it.



For the rest of the afternoon we just explored: We discovered the most cutest bakery (which we ended up having afternoon tea on the last day). We had a wander around the market, enjoying all of what Cambridge had to offer. After a few hours of wandering we headed back to our apartment.

We headed out for dinner and drinks at Cambridge Chop House. The atmosphere in here was amazing, very cosy with small candle lit tables, perfect for a romantic date night. Being a steak restaurant I obviously went for the fish – lol!! My boyfriend did however have the steak and he said it was amazing… so i will take his word for it. After a bottle of wine and some cocktails we called it a night.

Second Day

As always hunger got the better of us and we ended up in Cote for breakfast.


I really wanted to spend the day going to the colleges we had seen on the river the previous day and that is what we ended up doing. We visited St Johns College and Trinity College and they were both beautiful, the architecture was to die for. Whilst visiting Trinity College we had a look around Wren Library, which is well worth a visit!






Once we had explored every little last bit of the colleges and bridges, it was time for a well deserved afternoon tea. We decided to head back to Fitzbillies (the gorgeous bakery from yesterday) and had the most wonderful champagne afternoon tea. This was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend away.

Much Love

Alice xx

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