Bronzed Summer Glow | Outfit of The Day





When the evening get longer, the rosé is colder and the laughs get louder. Nothing can really beat a Summers evening.

We had such gorgeous weather over the weekend, so Dad cracked open the BBQ. Which in other words means I get my boyfriend to take lots of photos of me very awkwardly holding a wine glass and giggling.

I loved how these photos come out that I just had to put them together for a little post.

I honestly believe that these photos sum up how life is at the moment (I am fully aware of my cheesy that sounds) my days are filled with a lot of love, giggles, care free and hard work. I am very much in a place that I thought I could never be in, and i am amazed with how the right people and a little self belief you really can pave your own way in life.

I really hope the giggles and care free Alice continues throughout the Summer and I may do more little post like this with some cute little outfits too. As I am currently loving life!!

Onto the most important what am I wearing

Dress -ASOS
Shoes – Topshop (last year)

If you are new to my little blog then please show it come love as well as my socials too. It would mean the absolute world to me and we can continue to share the love.

Until next time my lovies….



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