The Most Magical Weekend Away

IMG_6910.jpgThis last week has been such a whirlwind, I still can’t believe the kindness and love that I have experienced over the last couple of days. For anyone that wasn’t aware, I celebrated my birthday on Saturday (2nd June) and turned the grand old age of 23 – I am fully aware of how young I still am and all that, but to me I am getting old!!

Birthdays are something I get excited over, whether it be someone else’s or my own. However I never tend to do a lot, the ‘norm’ for me is a family birthday meal and maybe a little spa day with mumma. But this year was something out of this world.

This years birthday is different in a few ways – first I have the most gorgeous boyfriend by my side and second he wanted to plan and surprise the whole thing (something that took me the whole month to get my head around).

When someone plans or puts a lot of effort in for you, there is also so much expectation the other person holds. The other person is always thinking, stressing and even over analysing what may or may not happen. This was definitely me, I love surprises but I hate not being in control and knowing. Even with me badgering my boyfriend for the whole month he kept his plans a secret, and honestly I am so happy that he did.

I am so over joyed, grateful, overwhelmed and utterly unbelievably lucky to have such a lovely lovely person by my side that honestly planned one of the most greatest weekends of my life!!

A little pre warn, this post is going to be very long so please grab a coffee, tea and get comfy.

Saturday 2nd June

Of course I was up at the crack of dawn, beyond excited to see what the day held and where we were off too. I did however hold off on waking Mr up for about an hour or two!!

After presents and breakfast, we headed off. I was told to close my eyes while Mr put the address in the satnav and we were off. We did have a few stops on the way before we got to the place we were staying. The first stop on the map was Burford Garden Centre, to most people this would have been a very strange place to stop and honesty I was thinking the same but oh my this place is beyond gorgeous. Everything was super cute and pretty, they had a little farmers market going on inside and out. We had a little wander around, decided that we needed rainbow pasta in our lives and grabbed some lunch. The reason to why we stopped here was: one to grab some food but mostly because Burford is the gateway to the Cotswolds.

After another little drive we turned up in another charming little village. Bibury, this village was once described ‘as the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds’ and oh my it’s beyond anything especially in the sunshine. There is a little row of cottages by the river called Arlington Row which are the most photographed cottages, they also play a part in a few British films and tv. Of course I had to get some photos!!



Wandering around the village of Bibury we suddenly realised the time and decided to head to the hotel (at this point I still had no idea where we were staying)

We turned off the main road and up a little drive away to a gorgeous country manor house. Anyone that knows me knows that I adore an old manor house and this was something else. Everything about it was charming from the detail into the wood on the staircases to the high ceilings. This would have been the perfect place for a cosy weekend away in winter but then an again gorgeous in the summer to wander around the rose gardens and that was exactly what we did!



A few cocktails later it was time for dinner, we had the three course set menu in the hotel and overall the food, drink and atmosphere was perfect. By far the best end to the most amazing day.



Sunday 3rd June

The weather was so gorgeous that we had breakfast outside, outside!!! Once waffles had been eaten and tea drunk we head out for a day of more surprises.


Mr had planned a little road trip, passing through some of the most prettiest villages and town, while going down some of the best roads. This for me was the highlight of the trip, the thought and effort that had gone into planning all that would have been insane. Plus I love things like that. I have no idea all the places we passed throughout the day but I shall pop some photos up from my favourite.






Dinner that evening was at the Fish Hotel about 20 minute car journey from our Hotel. We eat in their fish restaurant called the Hook. I love fish and throughly enjoyed the menu and wine. The whole decor of the place was also to die for so major points there as well. Once dinner was finished, we sat outside under fairy lights and finished our wine while chatting about everything. Honestly the whole weekend feels and felt like dream!!



Monday 4th June 

There are worse places to be waking up on a Monday morning, that is for sure, however there was a little bit of me really gutted that this was our last day here. I would have loved to have spent the week here and is it a place we will be coming back to over and over again.


Before I could dwell on the last day for too much longer Mr had plans for today as well. I got a few choices for where we went and I decided we head to Snowshill Country House and Gardens.




These gardens are probably the prettiest and gorgeous ones I have ever had the pleasure in visiting. It was the perfect finish to a perfect weekend.

I can not thank Mr enough for this birthday weekend, I loved every minute. Every single detailed had been planned but also planned with me in mind and every second contained everything that I love in life.


I think we have found our little place, we will be coming back to the Cotswolds for years to come and I can not wait to return and explore everything a little more and go to all the places we didn’t get the chance to go.

A massive thank you!!!

Untill next time my lovelies ……


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