Penshurst Place & Gardens


Anyone that know me, knows how much enjoyment and happiness I get from spending the day wandering around Palaces and Manor Houses. I think I get the satisfaction from being a young girl and believing in fairy tales and the big castles and just letting your imagination run wide with you. This is something that has never left me.

Luckily for me I found a man who will spend his afternoon wandering around the most gorgeous country manor houses.  While he was working away last week he decided that on the Friday I should join him and we can have a little visit to Penshurst Place and Gardens, he found this little gem on his way back and forth to work.

Friday came around and off we went to this little gem, I didn’t know anything about this place as we drove through some gorgeous little villages, enjoying every single moment.

We had a lovely afternoon, the house has connection to Ann Boyle and was used for a lot of filming. The gardens were even more gorgeous, stand alone gorgeous, every way you looked there was something new, every turn around the corner there was another secret garden. The photos do not do it justest but below I have shared my favourites from the day.


Much Love


1 thought on “Penshurst Place & Gardens”

  1. Beautiful photos. I’m pretty sure I have Disney and Downton Abbey to blame for my love of castles and manor houses. You’re lucky to be living in an area where you can explore them…here in Texas we have barbed wire and ranch houses. Great post!


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