Getting Away | Port Solent Spa Hotel


We can get so involved with living that we actually forget to live! We live for the latest instagram post, the next seasonal pumpkin spiced latte and pleasing everyone in our lives but what about us?

What about living our lives for us? Living our life how we want too and not how society  wants us too. I will hold my hands up and say ‘this is me’ I can get so caught up in the world and just doing my everyday routine.

Over the last few weeks all this has just got a little too much, and i needed out. I needed to be away from the ‘perfect’ I needed time to enjoy the moment and actually live!


With this in mind Mr and I made a very spontaneous trip to Port Solent, for a spa weekend. This was actually what I need and i think what Mr needed as well. We found a great deal at the most gorgeous spa hotel that was stunning from the moment we arrived. The hotel was called Solent Hotel and Spa.


We spend the weekend eating, drinking, relaxing and spending quality time with each other. I even manged to persaude Mr to have treatment in the spa. It was so nice to just enjoy life and live life, rather than worrying about everything and anything.

The life we live in can be so manic and stressful, I think I will be taking a few more ‘me’ days or even weekends in the months to come. It was honestly so refreshing stripping everything back, getting away from day-to-day life and social life.


Much Love




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