New Year’s Resolutions

As the clocks strikes midnight on New Years Eve, we all get a new start. A new start to achieve whatever we want in one single year, a new start to draw a line under the past and change our future. I love the idea of this, the idea of suddenly whatever happened in the previous year doesn’t matter anymore, no one cares. All everyone cares about is whats to come, how your going to carve your future into a different way.

There is something so very powerful about the new year and a fresh start, so why do we get so caught up on making new promises to ourselves that are the same every year and we end up breaking by mid Jan.

We get so disappointment in ourselves for breaking this promise that we have set out to achieve, to end up living the year from day to day achievements or failure of said promise and honestly what is the point.

2019 I shall not make a resolution, if i don’t make it to the gym than never mind, if i don’t stick to dry January thats okay, if i don’t post on instagram every single day then who cares!

This year I want to enjoy every moments life brings, every hug to every tear. I want to make plans and have adventures, most importantly I want to enjoy life while holding my standards high but also my acceptance. I want to bring that magic back to life both in my own but also everyone around me.

As we awake up on New Years Days, lets take this new fresh start to love life again and live every day to the full! (cheesy I know)

Much Love


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