To My Cheerleaders

People always say that you learn who your true friends are during a big success or a massive failure. This is something I never quite believed or thought was true. Surely the friends you make in your life are really there to stay, surely they are the ones that will be around forever, the ones you share birthdays with, the tears of heartbreak with and the Sundays filled with bottomless brunch.

But what happens when you get that promotion that you have been working so hard to get, the same promotion that your friends pushed you towards and gave you that confidence to go for it. Are your friends still as happy for you?

Or when you need your friends, when you feel like your world is falling apart who is really there when you truly need them?

I am that friend that cares about everyone else and wants to see others be happy and succeed in their life before myself and I have always thought that I surround myself with the same type of people.

However something that I have learned so much in the last year, you really don’t know who is there for you until something major happens in your life. The friends you lose contact with are something the ones that never stop caring for you, the ones you had that massive falling out with are the ones that are always there to listen.

The ones you thought were always going to be in your life suddenly start to disappear in your life. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t happen to every single one of your friends, but you really do start to learn who is really there for you, the ones who are your cheerleader in life.

Over the last coupe of months, I have found my cheerleaders in life and honestly I am so thankful and happy that they are! They been the world to me and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. When shit happens you really do learn who loves you no matter what and that is a life lesson in itself.

To my cheerleaders in my life….I love you

Much love 
Alice xx

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