Cosy Sunday | Winter Edition

There is something so magical about a Sunday morning specially on a cold crips morning. Watching the sun rise through the mist over the countryside on a winters day while you are all cosy in bed in the warmth, is a feeling that makes me feel so warm inside which i absolutely love.

One thing i have really loved since we moved into our house, are Sundays. With a change of jobs also meaning I don’t work Sunday so that Sunday feeling is defiantly back. Sundays for the two of us is that one chilled day we can be with each other, after a busy week for the both of us.

Today, was no different, after a very lazy and slow morning. We headed out with the dog for a wander around our local woods. There is nothing better then fresh air even if it is pouring down with rain.

After we call dried off, it was a sleepy evening in front of the telly for all four of us.

Laziness is an unwritten rule for a Sunday

Much love

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