Finding a New ‘Normal’

Hello lovlies,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe in this very strange time. Over the last couple of days I have really been pouring everything into my Instagram and blog (have a lot scheduled that will be going up over the next few weeks so make sure you are following). I created this space as an escape from the real world and it was/still is my happy place. With all the darkness and strange times we are all experiencing, I thought it only made sense to go back to the little things.

Everyone is trying to find their ‘normal’ in this very strange world, for most of us our day to day routines can’t happen and that can be really tough.

For me, I knew that a good routine would keep me mentally on the right path and not go insane. Plus it is the perfect time to get them new habits in!!


I wanted to share with you a few little things in my routine that make such a big difference not only in my mood but also helps me to keep productive too.

Sleep! Over the last few months I have really struggled with my sleep, every time the alarm clock went off, I was hitting snooze one/two times. Within the last couple of weeks I haven’t been setting an alarm, I have been falling asleep and waking up naturally and honestly it has made such a difference, I don’t struggle as much to get up in the morning and I also have more energy throughout the day.

Working Out! We always hear how much exercising helps mentally and physically. I can honestly tell you that this has helped me so much, even if I end up watching Netflix all day, i feel like I have achieved something.

By achieving something in the morning it really does help set you up for the day, and lets be honest there is more then enough opportunity for a 25 minute workout!

One last thing in my routine that is a god send, showering and getting dressed. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting clean pjs on or a gorgeous outfit, that fact you have done this just makes me feel really for the day. It bring that little bit of normality back into my day.


How many times have you said you wanted to; read that book, bake, learn a new skill or develop a currant skill, watch that TV show. This has been me for as long as I can remember, but each day I have been setting myself a little task. This can be something small or big. By achieving one or two task each day will give you a sense of achievement but also keep your mind healthy and active.

For me I have been baking lots, reading and also have managed to achieve some bigger task like painting ceilings. I have so grateful that I have jobs around the house to keep occupied with.

The most important thing that has really helped me, is not to put too much pressure on myself. If I want to just do nothing all day and binge watch TV show then I will but on the other hand if I want to be super active then that is okay as well.

This time we have all been given is of course a great opportunity to get them tasks ticked of the never-ending list but it also gives us the time to strengthen relationships and gives us all the ability for self growth.

Setting a few objectives for myself each day has been the best thing I have done. Its has really helped me keep going and not get too overwhelmed with what a very strange time it is.

I would love to know what you have been doing? Have you got a small routine? What are you reading, baking? I would love to know!!

Much love Alice xx

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