Our Home | 6 Months Update

This year I really want to develop our home and also document it, as for the two of us this is such an achievement and something we are both very proud of.

Over the last 6 months I have been documenting our journey via our home Instagram account @thehomeedition_ but I want it to be more of a feature on here too!

We have been living in our house for just over 6 months, so thought it was the perfect time to start on our first update. It feels like we have done a lot with the house, however it has slowed down around the end of last year as we had my Colin’s birthday and Christmas, we both just wanted to enjoy the house around that time. We have got to the point where we are very comfortable and enjoying how everything looks and finalising any plans we have.

Obviously, we got all the essentials done such as furniture and making the house look nice, but I definitely want to make more progress this year which includes the garden! A little background on the house, we brought a new build which we purchased September 2019, we were so lucky that we had a complete blank canvas. So here is what we have done so far in 6 months….


Out of all the rooms in the house, this one is the biggest and the one we wanted to complete first (there is still a lot we want to do with this room over this year) When it came to deciding on a colour scheme or theme for this room, I took into consideration the gorgeous french doors that open out into the garden which brings in a lot of light, I really wanted to make the most it, turns out, Colin and I had a very similar opinions when it came to decor and colours. We actually found the furniture we wanted and then worked the colours around that.

For the living room, we have gone for a industrial look with dark wood and black detailing on the main furniture. With this I had the opportunity to soften all this down, with textures, pinks and greys. Simple touches that have been completed has been blanket basket, our plant & rug. There is still a lot more touches that are in the pipeline!!

The plan for this year; is to paint the walls a light grey, a coffee table, prints to go up on the wall. I do want to keep this room was light and airy as possible.


This room hasn’t changed much since we moved in, we were so lucky to have good cupboard space, nice worktops and a place for us both to cook, bake and clean! Colin has mentioned that we wants to add some sort of shelving or corner cabinet on the wall to create extra space as we do have a lot on the worktops.

The plan for this year: is to paint the walls a very pale creamy pink, shelving. I would love to tile around the worktops but this is something that is more of a long term goal.


I have found the bathrooms more difficult to decided what to do, so to keep it simple for now all three have the same base theme.

The downstairs bathroom is our smallest and is the place I would love to paint a really dark rich colour, Colin is also on board with this!! The main bathroom has our bath, I am hoping to get some chunky shelves on the wall above the bath & add in some more prints but also some greeny in plants.

Finally, our ensuite. I feel this bathroom is one that is pretty much there, all we need to add is shelving in the shower and we will be there for this room!


Our bedroom, one of our first purchases we made for the house was the gorgeous bed and the colour of the bed has really made the decision for us for a colour scheme.

We are waiting on the delivery of our wardrobes we have gone for the Ikea PAX wardrobes, once these have arrived we will finalise our bedside tables and start the soft touches as well as finish painting the walls again a light grey.

The plan for this year; we have a big cupboard space in our bedroom which we want to make into a storage cupboard however we aren’t too sure how to maximise the space.

Our second bedroom

I have a vision for this room. This rooms gets most of the sun through the day and feels so airy, to keep with this, I am thinking of adding dusty pinks, natural woods and white furniture.

The plan is to add a day bed, an office/beauty space for me which can be used as an extra living room but can also be turned into a guest room when people stay.

Overall, I am so proud of the home we have built together in the last 6 months and incredibly excited to see what we do over the next 6 months and this year!

I am always looking for inspiration for renovating and make a new build more into a home, so if you have any Instagram accounts, blogs, videos I would like, please to let me know.

Much Love Alice xx

1 thought on “Our Home | 6 Months Update”

  1. I love your décor. My fiancé would never let me have anything pink in our apartment, let alone actually paint a wall(s) that color!

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