What I Eat In a Day | Lockdown Edition

Today I thought I would share with you what i have been eating. As we all know we things are a little different as we have only been going to the shop less than normal, I have been trying to use what we have and also use leftovers a lot more too.


Every morning i start the day with a black coffee. I will then do a workout, that may be a HIIT session or a run, get myself ready for the day and sort out breakfast. Most of the time at least through the week I will make myself a smoothie. Smoothie consested of frozen strawberries & banana ( I have been buying the forzen smoothie packs from Adil as they are just super easy) skimmed milk, oats & zero fat geek yogurt.


For lunch we tend to either have a wrap or a bagel all depends on what has defrozened. Today was a wrap filled with spinach, roasted pepper & halloumi. I also added left over goucolmole and sweet chilli sauce.


I have never been a snacker but as i am now at home due to the lockdown. that has very much changed! Now you can find me with an apple & a babybel, I have been trying to keep my caking as healthy as i can and not snacking if i am bored.

I have been baking so much since lockdown and this week we have a gorgeous carrot cake to snack on!!


This evening I made a Gnocchi & tomato bake, this is such an easy thing to make and tastes amazing. I put everything (onion, garlic, copped tomatoes , gnocchi, I also added in some spinach) into a frying pan mix together and was its simmered for 10/15 mins, i transfer it into a casserole dish sprinkle some cheese over the top and grill for 5 minutes. Super quick & easy and tasted incredible!

Much love Alice xx

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