Bedside Table Styling / Inspiration

Styling bedside tables…where to start…this sounds like It should be quite a straight forward task, to just arrange a few bits on a bedside table, doesn’t sound to hard right?

How wrong I was, this task is a never ending list of inspiration and items that can look lovely on a bedside table but also not to make it look clutter but you also need to add some of the rooms style and lastly your style too….like I said where to start!!!

Our bedroom has been the room we have really left since we moved in, for us there was really no rush. We had other priorties but since being in lockdown and spending a lot more time at home, we have come to the conculsion that the bedroom needs a little attention.

We have ordered PAX wardrobes from Ikea which should be delivered over the next couple of weeks but what I really wanted to get my teeth into was the bed side of the room, for the last 7 months we have just had a very lonely bed in the room. Obviously my first thought was bedside tables, we have gone for dark black wood effect wardrobes so I knew I wanted a slighter dark wooden bedside table with black accents. Once we had decided on this I thought it wouldn’t be hard but I hadn’t even considered the style of bedside table!!

After finally narrowing it down we decided to go for the Norman One Draw Bedside Table from Argos. I am so happy with how they look even empty they completely change the room and start to make the bed side of the room a lot more complete, it is crazy how a piece of furniture can do this.

For the last week I have been gathering inspiration on how to style them for myself and Colin and also stay within theme for the whole room!! One thing that I was sure on was lighting, I had seen a gorgeous gold lamp from Next. I had first seen this lamp on @laurabryonshome (photo below) and just knew it would look stunning with the wood on the bedside tables but also with the dark teal head board we have. Colin needed a little persuading but soon came round to the idea. I have been really indecisive whether to add a print behind the lamp, I do think the lamp will do enough but I may change my mind when it does come.

From this point onwards I am a little stuck what to add as the little touches, I want to do Colin’s and my side slightly differently but still too look in keeping with the rest of the room.

For my side I have been looking at adding stacks of books, photo frame, a natural element which I think will be either a green plant or faux flowers I am yet to decided and a little trinket box.

For Colins’ side I would like to keep it as similar as possible but also letting him have a his style placed into it as well and for him to actually use rather than it being just for show! For him I am thinking a print (small scale more of a A4 size) diffuser, sack of book with his Alexa Dot sitting on top.

Below is a few inspirations I have seen on Pinterest.

Overall I am thinking of having the accents pieces in black, grey and gold, also add in green earthy element. Once the lamps arrive I think it will give me a good base to start have a play around with the items.

Be sure to follow my home instagram account @thehomeedition as well as my instagram @alicevictoriari for updates on both this little project and other things going on in the house and also life!! Once this room is pretty much complete I am thinking of doing a full room tour.

I would love to hear if you have any suggestions or home accounts or blog that you think I would be intertested in!

Much love Alice xx

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