Date Night | Lockdown Edition

Something that Colin and myself really enjoy doing is date night. This is something we have done throughout our relationship, it give us a chance to actually be present with each other as, specially, since moving in together I think you can get really carried away just living. We love going out to a nice restaurant having a few cocktail and a lovely dinner prior to lockdown, over the weekend we decided to bring the restaurant to our home.

Since being in lockdown we have had to get very creative with date night and yes we are still having one night a week to be present with each other! While doing our food shop we picked up one of the Tesco Dine In for £10 and a few tapas items.

As the weather was amazing over the bank holiday weekend we thought Friday night would make the perfect night date. After spending all afternoon dozing in the sun, I brought out a little tapas starter for us to graze over and of course an Aperol Spritz and Colin a beer.

A little while later as it started to get darker outside, we came inside and started our main. In Tesco’s we picked up two steaks, chunky chips and a bottle of rose also came with a dessert too all for £10! The steaks are some of the best and honestly just as good as some of the restaurants !!

Cheesecake is my far our favourite dessert, Colin pretty much always has it when we eat out, I am more of a cheeseboard kinda gal but I can defiantly appreciate a good cheesecake! Honestly, was too good!!

We have taken advantage of the Dine In for £10 a good number of times and it has always been so lovely. The value for money you get compared to the food is just incredible, the food is just as good as going out to eat. We will be doing more of these over the next couple of weeks too as it is just super easy to pick up when we go out and do the food shop.

Since being in lockdown we have been getting very creative with date night, I may do a few more posts with ideas and suggestions. As this is something that we have really enjoyed doing and gives us that little bit of normality within all the crazy that is currently going on!!

Have you been doing date night or have any suggestions of what you have been doing?

Much love Alice xx

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