Guest Room Styling Inspiration

If you follow my home account on Instagram (@thehomeedition) you will know that we finally had our wardrobes delivered at the start of May. We had been waiting for these since March, with them arriving it means we can get a started on the second bedroom. As our currant wardrobes were in this room, so we had space in our room to put them up straight away. We have transferred everything across to our gorgeous new wardrobes in our room. Now we can get started on the second bedroom!!

The plan for this room is for it to be a multi functional room. The most important aspect of the room is we needed somewhere for guest to stay however we didn’t want there to be a bed in this room all year around as like I said we wanted to be able to use this room on a daily basic and be multi functional.

As well as somewhere for guests to sleep, this room also holds all my beauty products and also my dressing table. It needs to be a room where I can easily use on an everyday bases and also house storage for all my beauty products. We had agreed on this being a lovely way to use the second room until lockdown happened and Colin started working from home. We then realised that he does need a small work place just incase he ends up working from home more, as I would love the dinning room table back, plus it means there is somewhere we can put laptops and paper work.

I absolutely love this room in the house, it is at the front on the house and gets so much light and sunshine throughout the day. With this in mind I wanted to keep the room having that airy feel, with the mix of natural wood, white and vintage pinks with the added texture thrown in there. I defiantly have a vision of how I would love this room so fingers crossed it will all come into place.

Starting with the walls, I have changed my thoughts on this so many times. It started with a dark pink feature wall using paint, to maybe not and now I have settled on a floral wallpaper wall as a feature. This will be on the back wall behind the day bed. We decided on a day bed as this can be used as a sofa, a place where we can sit and work on our laptops or a place to enjoy a good book but it transforms into a king sized bed which makes it perfect for guests!

As the day bed and all the furniture in this room will be white, I am thinking of going for more of a vintage floral thats looks a little worn. I think it will create a statement but also keeping inline with the room being as airy and ‘pretty’ as possible.

As you can see I am really indecisive on what colour I would like to paint the walls, I have put just a few of the ones I currently like above. Top colour is Dorchester Pink from Little Greene, middle colour is Soft Taupe from Wilko and the bottom colour is Soft Truffle from Dulux.

Moving onto furniture of the room, I have found the perfect desk/dressing table from Ikea. This is big enough for a computer to sit on it but also gives me enough room to use it as a dressing table too. It also has drawers each side which is perfect storage for paper work. My plan is for this to go on the opposite wall to the day bed. I also plan on putting a mirror up on the wall above the desk. I may also place some prints onto the wall as well but that I am still deciding on and I won’t purchase anything until the room is near enough complete.

I really want to add in some natural wood elements into the room and also some green in the way of plants! I plan on doing this through the ceiling lights, shelves and of course a basket. I am still very unsure on soft furnishing (I am thinking the colours white, pinks) but again this is something I will have a better idea once the walls are painted and the room is complete in regards to furniture.

I am so excited to get going with this room, as this room has a completely different feel to the rest of the house but still has similar elements running throughout. I will be doing updates over on my house Instagram account so please be sure you are following. I also have a Facebook page which is just a good place to find any updates!

Much love Alice xx

2 thoughts on “Guest Room Styling Inspiration”

  1. LOVE the pretty wallpaper you have chosen. I like all the paint colours and think anyone of them will blend with the paper.
    The natural bits you add will finish the room beautifully, I am sure you will both make the room perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

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