Weekly Wants: Summer Dresses

Bright blue skies, long sunny days with a Dalgona coffee in hand dreaming of yachts along the sea front.

The gorgeous weather over the last few days has got me dreaming thats for sure, with this of course I have been scrolling the internet for lovely floaty summer dresses. Even if it does just been wearing them in the back garden I may as well look amazing while doing so!

There does seem to be a lot out there on the site with a lot of discounts too. I am not too sure whether they are still trying to get through there spring/summer collections like planned or if this is older stock?! Either way all the marketing is working for me and I have accumulated a long wish list. Which I thought I would share with you.

Starting with H&M. H&M is my go to place every year for gorgeous, floaty dresses with stunning prints and colours at such an affordable price. Below are a few I am loving and are on the wish list.

Topshop Topshop Topshop. I was so surprised at how many gorgeous items they had and a very good size range considering they currently have 30% off summer styles. I am not too sure whether they are not getting through there stock as much or if they have added more sizes to items. As nearly all the items I looked at had a full size range.

As you can see I am really enjoying all the prints!! Quite a few of theres dresses were also under £30!!! I am so impressed with Topshop so a there may be a few items that have creeped onto the wish list for sure.

I haven’t shopped on River Island in forever, it wasn’t until I saw Kate Murane (@katebowbow on instagram) show a stunning dress on her instagram, which I have put below in the first picture, I had to see what other gems where on the site. To be honest with you I found everything quite expensive for what they were, this may be due to how many sales everywhere seems to be doing, if you are looking for something little more structured or for a treat than there are some gorgeous items on there but for me I think I prefer dresses from other sites.

I could go on and on forever as there are some gorgeous items on Asos, Urban Outfitters, Pretty Little Thing, Never Fully Dressed and the list goes on!!! There is defiantly a lot more summer dresses on my list after having a scroll through the internet in search for the back garden summer dream.

Are you being drawn in with all the marketing lately or are you just rediscovering some favourite from your wardrobe, I am defiantly doing a little bit of both and spending a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. I hope this gives you a little escape and also a little inspiration for some stunning floaty summer dresses.

Much love Alice xx

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