Christmas Tree Day

This day is one I look forward to every year, this day for me marks the beginning of one of the most magical and joyful times of the year CHRISTMAS TREE DAY. As a kid this was always a big day in December, I remember asking each weekend from November if this weekend we would be going to pick up the Christmas Tree and to be honest not a lot has changed now!!

With this year being how it has been, I really wanted to get the house full of Christmas as soon as I could, so mid November the decorations went up however we did wait until 6th December before picking a tree!!

Sunday 6th December, off we went to our local garden centre to find the perfect tree. I was a little nervous this year due to all the guideline that are now in place and there were a few differences from last year. Saying this the garden centre we go was was amazing, there was a one way system in place, a lot of the trees were packed away with an handful out to look and choose from, they did keep re-filling with new trees when one was picked. Last year we got to rummage through all the trees which is part of the fun but the people that work there were super helpful and informative when it came to picking a tree!

Tree brought and luckily it fitted in the car!!! As the garden centre isn’t that far, one year I would love to walk there and back with Mr carrying the tree like in the movies but he needs a little more conniving.

We put the tree in position and left it to drop and relax a little before we place on the fairy lights and decorations. We actually left it for a whole day before starting decoration which has to be some kind of record for me!

Lights and baubles on and the living room is looking incredible cosy and Christmassy!

Do you have any Christmas tradition that you look forward to for the whole year? Or is there anything you would like to create into a tradition?

Much love….Alice xx

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