Probiotic in Skincare

Let’s talk about probiotics.

Probiotics are microorganisms that occur naturally within and on the body, greatly impacting skin’s health and overall appearance. While they are well known in the food and supplement world, using probiotics for skin is an emerging topic.

Probiotics are ever-changing array of microorganisms living within and on the surface of our bodies. Each person has their own distinctive, ever-changing combination of these organisms, known as the microbiome.

Sun damage, airborne pollutants, diet, and irritating skin care products are just a few examples of what can throw the skin’s microbiome out of balance, leading to lingering issues like acne, dryness or red, sensitive skin. The goal of probiotic skin care is to help restore the delicate balance that allows the good bacteria to flourish, so skin can keep itself in peak shape.

Stabilizing the microbiome helps:

  • Strengthen skin’s surface against environmental factors.
  • Enhance skin’s ability to become—and stay—properly hydrated.
  • Diminish factors that trigger sensitized, reddened skin.
  • Visibly improve signs of dryness.
  • Restore a healthy pH balance to skin’s surface.

They work best when combined with ingredients known as prebiotics. Prebiotics naturally fuel the growth of probiotics and help them thrive so they can effectively do their job . The best probiotic skincare should contain both prebiotics and probiotics for optimal results.

As probiotics break down on skin’s surface, they create other skin-beneficial substances known as postbiotics. Postbiotics include hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins–all of which help diminish signs of aging, boost hydration, and improve skin’s healthy, vibrant tone. It’s the synergy between these “biotics” that makes all the difference when it comes to probiotic skin care.

Will you be adding probiotics into your skin routine?

Much love

Alice xxx

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