Skincare | Winter Skin

As the days start to get shorter and the weather finally becomes colder and brisk, you may notice some not so fun changes in your skin. They could also be similar to the changes that could happen when winter turns to spring, and into summer.

For instance, your skin might fell tight or appear drier than usual , or if you’re acne prone, your pimples are more inflamed than ever. These changes in your skin can more likely be attributed to the transition of season.

As there is nothing we can do about season shifts, that doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer the consequences.

Why does our skin changes from season too season?

The skin like consistency, so when factors, like the weather, are always changing, it’s like a shock to the system. ‘Rapid fluctuation in weather can take its toll on our skin as it adjusts to the new environment’ As we shift from summer to autumn, temperature and humidity will drop quickly, so the skin will have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration as cold weather and wind kicks in.

This can lead to cracks in the outer skin layer, loss of hydration, and inflammation – all of which can seriously impact the overall state of your skin health. These symptoms occur because the skin barrier becomes disrupted during this period, making it more susceptible to inflammation and irritation.

It’s not the temperature alone that causes these skin meltdowns, it’s the sudden switch in weather, coupled with lifestyle changes people make as it gets cooler, such as taking hot showers and using central heat in homes, that contributes to the dryness and inflammation associated with this transitional period.

How can we take care of your skin during these seasonal transitions?

During the evolution from summer to autumn, autumn to winter, which is when humidity is much lower, something I would recommend limiting showers to no more than five minutes and avoiding hot water at al costs. Applying a gentle, nourishing body wash followed with a thicker cream — apply moisturiser within 60 seconds of coming out of the shower and looking for ingredients like glycerin, ceramics and hyaluronic acid. The same can be applied to your completion care, too.

Implementing a hydrating serum into your regimen, look for ingredients which contain soothing turmeric, squalene, avocado oil. Never skip out on moisturiser and maybe try swapping a creamy cleanser into your routine during the cooler months!

While the weather is uncontrollable, skin heath is not. Pay attentions to the state of your skin and switch up your routine as the seasons change!

Much love…Alice xx

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