The Most Magical Weekend Away

IMG_6910.jpgThis last week has been such a whirlwind, I still can’t believe the kindness and love that I have experienced over the last couple of days. For anyone that wasn’t aware, I celebrated my birthday on Saturday (2nd June) and turned the grand old age of 23 – I am fully aware of how young I still am and all that, but to me I am getting old!!

Birthdays are something I get excited over, whether it be someone else’s or my own. However I never tend to do a lot, the ‘norm’ for me is a family birthday meal and maybe a little spa day with mumma. But this year was something out of this world.

This years birthday is different in a few ways – first I have the most gorgeous boyfriend by my side and second he wanted to plan and surprise the whole thing (something that took me the whole month to get my head around).

When someone plans or puts a lot of effort in for you, there is also so much expectation the other person holds. The other person is always thinking, stressing and even over analysing what may or may not happen. This was definitely me, I love surprises but I hate not being in control and knowing. Even with me badgering my boyfriend for the whole month he kept his plans a secret, and honestly I am so happy that he did.

I am so over joyed, grateful, overwhelmed and utterly unbelievably lucky to have such a lovely lovely person by my side that honestly planned one of the most greatest weekends of my life!!

A little pre warn, this post is going to be very long so please grab a coffee, tea and get comfy.

Saturday 2nd June

Of course I was up at the crack of dawn, beyond excited to see what the day held and where we were off too. I did however hold off on waking Mr up for about an hour or two!!

After presents and breakfast, we headed off. I was told to close my eyes while Mr put the address in the satnav and we were off. We did have a few stops on the way before we got to the place we were staying. The first stop on the map was Burford Garden Centre, to most people this would have been a very strange place to stop and honesty I was thinking the same but oh my this place is beyond gorgeous. Everything was super cute and pretty, they had a little farmers market going on inside and out. We had a little wander around, decided that we needed rainbow pasta in our lives and grabbed some lunch. The reason to why we stopped here was: one to grab some food but mostly because Burford is the gateway to the Cotswolds.

After another little drive we turned up in another charming little village. Bibury, this village was once described ‘as the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds’ and oh my it’s beyond anything especially in the sunshine. There is a little row of cottages by the river called Arlington Row which are the most photographed cottages, they also play a part in a few British films and tv. Of course I had to get some photos!!



Wandering around the village of Bibury we suddenly realised the time and decided to head to the hotel (at this point I still had no idea where we were staying)

We turned off the main road and up a little drive away to a gorgeous country manor house. Anyone that knows me knows that I adore an old manor house and this was something else. Everything about it was charming from the detail into the wood on the staircases to the high ceilings. This would have been the perfect place for a cosy weekend away in winter but then an again gorgeous in the summer to wander around the rose gardens and that was exactly what we did!



A few cocktails later it was time for dinner, we had the three course set menu in the hotel and overall the food, drink and atmosphere was perfect. By far the best end to the most amazing day.



Sunday 3rd June

The weather was so gorgeous that we had breakfast outside, outside!!! Once waffles had been eaten and tea drunk we head out for a day of more surprises.


Mr had planned a little road trip, passing through some of the most prettiest villages and town, while going down some of the best roads. This for me was the highlight of the trip, the thought and effort that had gone into planning all that would have been insane. Plus I love things like that. I have no idea all the places we passed throughout the day but I shall pop some photos up from my favourite.






Dinner that evening was at the Fish Hotel about 20 minute car journey from our Hotel. We eat in their fish restaurant called the Hook. I love fish and throughly enjoyed the menu and wine. The whole decor of the place was also to die for so major points there as well. Once dinner was finished, we sat outside under fairy lights and finished our wine while chatting about everything. Honestly the whole weekend feels and felt like dream!!



Monday 4th June 

There are worse places to be waking up on a Monday morning, that is for sure, however there was a little bit of me really gutted that this was our last day here. I would have loved to have spent the week here and is it a place we will be coming back to over and over again.


Before I could dwell on the last day for too much longer Mr had plans for today as well. I got a few choices for where we went and I decided we head to Snowshill Country House and Gardens.




These gardens are probably the prettiest and gorgeous ones I have ever had the pleasure in visiting. It was the perfect finish to a perfect weekend.

I can not thank Mr enough for this birthday weekend, I loved every minute. Every single detailed had been planned but also planned with me in mind and every second contained everything that I love in life.


I think we have found our little place, we will be coming back to the Cotswolds for years to come and I can not wait to return and explore everything a little more and go to all the places we didn’t get the chance to go.

A massive thank you!!!

Untill next time my lovelies ……


Bronzed Summer Glow | Outfit of The Day





When the evening get longer, the rosé is colder and the laughs get louder. Nothing can really beat a Summers evening.

We had such gorgeous weather over the weekend, so Dad cracked open the BBQ. Which in other words means I get my boyfriend to take lots of photos of me very awkwardly holding a wine glass and giggling.

I loved how these photos come out that I just had to put them together for a little post.

I honestly believe that these photos sum up how life is at the moment (I am fully aware of my cheesy that sounds) my days are filled with a lot of love, giggles, care free and hard work. I am very much in a place that I thought I could never be in, and i am amazed with how the right people and a little self belief you really can pave your own way in life.

I really hope the giggles and care free Alice continues throughout the Summer and I may do more little post like this with some cute little outfits too. As I am currently loving life!!

Onto the most important what am I wearing

Dress -ASOS
Shoes – Topshop (last year)

If you are new to my little blog then please show it come love as well as my socials too. It would mean the absolute world to me and we can continue to share the love.

Until next time my lovies….



Claydon House and Gardens | Mother’s Day Treat


I find such mystery wandering around a country house, reading about who once lived there and their antics. Ever since I was a small child I would drag my parents around castles and country estates; It’s a passion that has come from my mum.

As it was Mothers day the other weekend I thought it would be a great opportunity to take my mum to a country house that neither of us had been to, and get fully absorbed into the who’s, why’s and all the antics.

Claydon House and Gardens is where we ended up. Claydon House was designed by Ralph Vareny to dazzle his neighbours and political rivals with his wealth. Within 30 years he was bankrupt. The house also plays a gesture to Florence Nightingale and the Civil War.



The house currently standing is only one third of what was originally build and some rooms were never used for their original purpose, which is such a shame when looking at the detail and the added extras that had gone into the architecture. Some of the rooms are half empty for two reasons: either they were sold to pay off the debts or they were left as a blank canvas for parties and entertainment.

The rooms however speak a thousands words, you can imagine the characters dancing around in the big ballrooms, all the hustle and bustle. The wealth that would have stepped out of the scenes (the beauty and the beast opening scene comes to mind). As you stare out the massive floor length windows you can do all but imagine what was once looked out upon. From the men riding horseback across the fields to the women reading and picking flowers from the gardens.




The land surrounding the house is amazing. We had a little walk around the gardens. It was such a shame it was a dark and miserable day. In the summer I can imagine it is truly beautiful. Mum took some inspiration for our own garden (she is more about the garden as I am more about the house).




We had a little wander around the courtyard as we finished. This now has lovely independent shops and a cute tea room, but you can just picture the horse-drawn carriages which would have lined the road.


In one of the openings they had an old fashioned fire engine, this of course was horse drawn and was a must being the in countryside. It was a lovely little added touch to the courtyard.

We had such a lovely afternoon wandering around Claydon House and I think mum really enjoyed her little treat for Mother’s Day.



Much Love

Alice xx

Valentines Trip To Bath | Part Two


Day Two 

After waking up from one to dream to another, it as time to get up and head into the city. We had a few things planned that we wanted to do, first stop was the Roman Baths. I had been here before but my boyfriend haven’t and I love a bit of history so it was the perfect place to start. We got to wander around the Baths and learn all about the Romans, a must do when you are in Bath. We spend a good couple of hours there, I would recommend it being the first thing you do in the day to avoid the crowds.


Right next down you had Bath Abbey, which was breath taking inside with the most gorgeous ceilings and stain glass windows. It was really nice to just sit here for 10 minutes and just people watch in the middle of a busy city. They did offer guided tower tours however they ran every hour and we missed one by 5 minutes and didn’t fancy the wait.


Before we knew it it was lunch time, we headed across the road to Roman Bath Kitchen. This was a very busy place and booking would be recommended. We did have a nice lunch nothing majorly special but nice.

I wanted to fit just one more museum before the day come to a end and the one we went for was No1 Royal Crescent. This is a museum around No 1 Royal Crescent from how it would have been in the Georgian times. It is a nice museum if you like to look at things as there is a lot for sure.

We wandered back to the hotel through the park just has the sun was setting. We got back just as it was setting and watched it from our balcony before getting ready for dinner.


Dinner was a real disappointment, which is such a shame as I had found the most cutest independent family run Italian (which is right up our street). The place was gorgeous and the staff were all so friendly and lovely however the food wasn’t great and pricey too. We both had fish off of the specials which was nice but nothing special. I reckon if you do go there just stick with the food off the normal menu as the pizzas did look amazing!!!

Day Three

We didn’t really have anything planned to do on our final day. We decided to walk along the river and just see where we ended up. We ended up doing a full circle, it was very pretty along the river and the canal. Honestly it was just nice to walk and talk and enjoy the little moments.

As we ended up back in the city we decided to grab some lunch and a cheeky cocktail in Slug and Lettuce before a very serious game of mini golf ( I lost but only by 3) after this we decided to call it a weekend and head home.


This is probably one of the best weekends we have spend together and it will always have a special place in my heart. I loved every moment and I am so glad I have so many pictures from the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed these two posts and some recommendation to do in Bath if you are every passing.

Much Love

Alice xx

Valentines Trip To Bath | Part One

IMG_5503A weekend away is by far on my top five favourite thing to do and with February being the month of love, it was the perfect opportunity.

We headed to Bath. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities I think there is in the UK, so I jumped at the chance of going there when we were talking about a weekend break.

We stayed in the Apex Hotel, which was in a great location just a few hundred yards from the main city and surrounded with bars and restaurants. Our room was nice, nothing overly exciting or special about the room apart from the balcony and the gorgeous views we had. On both nights we watched the sunset!!

First Day

We arrived in Bath around lunch time, checked in and headed in to the city. We had a wander around, found our bearings and stumbled across some beautiful gardens, I believe they were called Palace Garden. These gardens looked out over the River and had a gorgeous view of Pulteney Bridge. With such beautiful surrounds we had a little photoshoot (a lot of  it was my boyfriend telling me to stand there and smile!!)






As the temperature started to drop we headed over to the Pump Rooms and had a lovely afternoon tea, this is something I would recommended to everyone and anyone that visits Bath. It is a little pricey ( afternoon tea for two and a bottle of bubbles came to around £85) unfortunately we enjoyed ourself too much that I didn’t take too many photos.


The plan that evening was to chill in the hotel and enjoy the view from the balcony. We did however head out for dinner to a place called Bar + Block. This was a steak restaurant that had a gorgeous contemporary feel, very chilled and perfect for good food and even better cocktails.



We ordered a few drinks and food-wise we both had steak. The great thing about this restaurant was that you could choose whatever cut you wanted and the size of it too, something I hadn’t seen before. We just had a lovely evening and I enjoyed every single little moment in the day.

I am going to spilt this into two posts as there is just too much to say and too many photos for one post. Please please keep your eyes peeled for the next Bath post in the next few days. If you can’t wait there are a few of my favourite pictures up on my Twitter and Instagram.

Much Love

Alice xx

A Few New Make Up Goodies

Throughout my teenage years, you would always find me at the make up counters. It was something that I would live for when Saturday rolled around however as I got older I lost my love for make up. I tent to now stick to what I know and brands that I have used for years.

After a lovely trip into London with one of my girlies (she loves her make up, so I knew we would end up at the make up contours) and a few glasses of bubbles over lunch we had a mooch around Covent Garden.

We were both looking for certain things, she was after an good night out foundation and myself was after some new bits to change up my normal make up bag.

After failing to find anything we loved in Nars and Urban Decay. We headed into Kilko and Charlotte Tibury.

I did pick up a lot of lip products in Kilko. I have been really enjoying dark berry lips  and wanted to add to my collection.


First thing I picked up was the 3D Hydra Lipgloss in colour 30, this is a gorgeous dark purple with a high shine 3D effect, this will be very buildable and can’t wait to see what the lasting power is! Secondly I went for Unlimited Lipstick in 19, again this is a red/purple very buildable. It claims to be a long lasting creamy lipstick, so we will see how well it does last!

The last two lip products I picked up was a Coloured Balm in colour 07 Blueberry, a coloured balm is perfect for a no make up, make up day!! and a Start Fusion Lip Pencil which was something I needed in my collection.

I did also pick up the Definition Eyeliner, I love a good eyeliner and always happy to try new ones!

Moving onto what I picked up in Charlotte Tilbury. I don’t think I have been so excited for new products before like I am for Charlotte Tibury. I have lusted over these products for such a long time and after a good look, very helpful staff I went for the splurge.

IMG_5457I finally have my hands on the Magic Foundation, this is a flawless long-lasting coverage. This foundation is enriched with hyaluronic acid, laricyl and vitamin C.  This foundation claims the skin will be moisturised, dewy and the pores are minimised. This already sounds amazing to me, so I am very excited to try this but I already have a feeling that I will love it and it may even be my summer foundation. I got the shade pale 3.


To finish on is probably the most exciting two products that I got my hands on. Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk and the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk. I am so happy to finally have my hands on theses and I will for sure be doing a make up look..


I had such a lovely day in London and I am so glad that I picked up some new pieces for my collection. I really forgot how getting new makeup really makes you feel. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see some looks using these products as wells other little lifestyle and beauty!

Much love

Alice xx

24 Hours In Cambride


This post is from September 2017, I had written it and must have completely forgotten about it. I was struggling to find something to write about and as I found this I thought that I would post it. It has to be one of the best weekends I have spend with my boyfriend and something I really want to cherish. I hope you enjoy!!


Cambridge is gorgeous with its cobbled streets, historical buildings and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is just the perfect place to escape and surround yourself with history and that’s exactly what we did.


First Day 

First stop breakfast, there are some gorgeous independent places to eat. However hunger got the better of us and we ended up in Bills for pancakes!!

Once we were all fuelled up for the day we headed down to the river. The streets and bridges that surround the river are gorgeous, you can see a lot more from on the river so we decided to go punting. We hired a private chauffeured punt, which gave us a very interesting guided tour of all the colleges that are either side of the river as well as the bridges that cross it.



For the rest of the afternoon we just explored: We discovered the most cutest bakery (which we ended up having afternoon tea on the last day). We had a wander around the market, enjoying all of what Cambridge had to offer. After a few hours of wandering we headed back to our apartment.

We headed out for dinner and drinks at Cambridge Chop House. The atmosphere in here was amazing, very cosy with small candle lit tables, perfect for a romantic date night. Being a steak restaurant I obviously went for the fish – lol!! My boyfriend did however have the steak and he said it was amazing… so i will take his word for it. After a bottle of wine and some cocktails we called it a night.

Second Day

As always hunger got the better of us and we ended up in Cote for breakfast.


I really wanted to spend the day going to the colleges we had seen on the river the previous day and that is what we ended up doing. We visited St Johns College and Trinity College and they were both beautiful, the architecture was to die for. Whilst visiting Trinity College we had a look around Wren Library, which is well worth a visit!






Once we had explored every little last bit of the colleges and bridges, it was time for a well deserved afternoon tea. We decided to head back to Fitzbillies (the gorgeous bakery from yesterday) and had the most wonderful champagne afternoon tea. This was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend away.

Much Love

Alice xx

Everyday Winter Make-Up

My make up tends to stay the same throughout the year. I know what I like and I stick to that. However the one thing that does change are my lips, whether it’s from a classic nude to a dark berry, its something I love to swap out depending on the season or the mood I am in.

I love the classic natural make up look with a solid wing liner and a good lip colour. This post is to bring you up to date on what products I have been using lately and to show off the most gorgeous berry colour that I have been loving over the colder months.

Before we get into the application of make up and what I have been using, I need to talk about the base. For me a good skin routine will make every make up glow and look flawless. You do not need a full on 10 step routine to do AM and PM but a good basic routine will work wonders (if you do want a full on 10 steps routine that is also amazing).

Once I have cleansed and toned (I will do a full Winter routine very soon) I have been moistursing with the Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream, this product does what it says on the tin. Its a gorgeous product that helps to hydrate the skin so your make up sits lovely on the skin.

After this I do use a primer this again is from Elemis. Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, this is a perfect 3 in 1, you can use it as a stand alone mositurser, primer for make up or an illuminating balm if you’re not wearing anything on the face.

I love this product as a primer, as it has the added radiance its brillaint under foundation for that glow!!

Now my skin is all hydrated and radiant, I will go in with my everyday makeup. Its super quick and easy. I can do this in about 10 minutes so perfect for before work. I do tend to stick to the same sort of finish throughout the year. I will just swap in diferent foundation and products as the year goes by.

What am I wearing currently on my face?

Estēe Lauder The Illuminator

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Ivory Nude

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer – Light

L’oral Paris True Match Concealer – Ivory

L’oral Paris Brow Artist

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder – Translucent

Estēe Lauder Bronze Goddess – Light

Nars Blusher – Orgasm

Nars Bord De Plage Pallete – Rivage

L’oral Paris Gel Eyeliner – Black

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – Black

The lipstick I have been obsessing over the last few months is the Bare Minerals Lipstick in Colour Queen. The reason why I love this colour is that it is so buildable and has staying power! I need more Bare Minerals lipstick in my collection.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post. Be sure to keep updated on my social media, I tend to post alot on there throughout the week. There will be posts up every Tuesday.

Till then….

Much love xx

Élan Cafe – Girlie London Trip


Catching up with my favourite girlie is one of the best things I do each month. Nothing beats enjoying a coffee over a girlie conversion. I can tell you it gets about 100% better when these conversion are over a marble table, surrounded by pink rose, cute little fireplaces and a flower wall… I repeat a FLOWER WALL!!!

May I introduce you to (probably) my new favourite place Élan Cafe. I can not take all the credit for this find as this gorgeous little place was on my friends Instagram.

Taking shelter from the rain, as you walk through the door you are welcomed with the smell of coffee and the sweetest from the cakes. There is so much to take in from the most specular cakes, to the flowers hanging from the ceilings, to the marble tables, finally the mint and pink suede chairs, are all the die for!!

We were shown to our seats, which was a quiet spot in front of a FLOWER WALL!!!!! (I still can’t get over the excited from this and have decided I want one in my house) The menu is pink and covers everything and anything your heart desires. From purple chia porridge with cashew milk, to sharing boards to middle-easten inspired lunches and of course bright colours lattes.

The whole place is any girls dream, it is a paradise.

After a lovely catch up over great food in a gorgeous place, we decide to finish up and head to the theatre. However on the way out we got majorly distracted by the cakes and pastries. We both knew that they also sold cakes but neither of us were expecting what we saw.

These cakes are out of this world and look incredible, we will be back for tea and cake very very soon.

Élan Cafe is by far my new favourite place in London. It is worth a visit if you are in the area, they have two branches one on Brompton Road and the other Park Lane.

It is very girls dream!

Till next time

Much love xx





January Favourites

img_2759January has been a very excited month for me, this month I finalised a lot of exciting this that will be happening over the next few months. It’s also been the month where I have been able to discover new products, to which I have fallen in love.

I tend to stick with what I know and never seem to change anything, however this year I want to change that. I want to try out more products whether that be skin care, beauty or hair.

This month the morning have been fall of frost and ice, and i have noticed the dryness on my skin swell. A lot of the products that I’ve fallen in love with this month have helped to battle the cold and I truly love them.

My skin care routine hasn’t changed much over the months (or years to be honest) but one this that has made a massive impact is the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. This cleaner is a life saver for the colder months, it’s a gorgeous luxurious deep cleansing cream. Containing anti-oxidnets that help to battle against daily pollutions, plant extract to purify and rich moisturizer. I have been using this in both morning and evening, as it’s a gorgeous cleanser for dissolving make up. I must have for the colder months.

One product I have been paring with Pro-Radaince Cleansing, is a device that I got in the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, The Luna Play. Over the last year that have ben so many different versions of the cleaning brush from Clarisonic to Clinique and No7. Honestly I have never seen or given into the hype with these products however when I received the Luna Play, I was very intrigued. What I love about this product is the fact it’s a travel size and can fit perfectly into any wash bag, take it whenever you go. It also deep cleansing for the skin perfect for when the skin need a pick me up.

As its been so cold over the last month, I have been having a lot more baths. I also think its got to do with how many Lush bath bombs I received over Christmas. Nothing beats a good bath with a Lush bath bomb. Another bath product that I love after a hard week is the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak, this products is perfect for relaxing the body and mind. Also make you have an amazing night sleep to!!

Another product that I’ve been loving is another one from the Look Fantastic Advert Calendar. Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream, I have the scent organic rice milk & cherry blossom which smells gorgeous. I love to apply this both morning and evening, its a gorgeous rich nourishing cream and has definitely been helping my skin through the coldness.

A lot of new discoveries for me this month so hopefully this will contain over the year. If you have any suggestions on any skin care, beauty that I would love to know.

Much Love